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Hainan Marine Trade Exchange Service Center
Based in Hainan FTP, to build a global Marine resource allocation platform

an international boat information center, trading center and pricing center mainly focus in the Asia-Pacific region



  • Online Talk! Sanya CBD holds Sino-US Yacht Industry Webinar
    As the only park which take cruise&yacht as the leading industry in Hainan FTP, SCBD has continu...

    2021 / 04 / 19

  • Cooperate with Shanghai Shipping Exchange to Strengthen Service Quality
    On the morning of April 1, the director of customer service and the manager of sales from Hainan Int...

    2021 / 04 / 03

  • Top Talk! HNMTES Talks with NMMA
    In order to further promote the joint development of Sanya yacht industry chain and strength...

    2021 / 03 / 23

  • Why do international brands join in China Internantional Consumer Products Expo?
    Hanse Yacht of Germany, FOURWINNS Yacht of America, L'Oreal of France, Swarovski of Austria,...

    2021 / 03 / 11

  • Good news! The Purchase of “Zero Tariff” Imported Passenger Cars at Hainan Free Trade Port can be Declared now
    In order to ensure the implementation of the “zero tariff” policy for means of transport and yachts,...

    2021 / 01 / 14

  • Another List! The List of “Zero Tariff” Means of Transport and Yachts of Hainan FTP was Released!
    On December 25, with the consent of the State Council, the Ministry of Finance, the General Administ...

    2021 / 01 / 05

  • First order! HNMTES Completed Ship Trading Service
    Recently, HNMTES completed the first order by successfully providing used-yacht standard transaction...

    2020 / 12 / 02

  • Hainan Marine Trade Exchange Servcies established
    Marine Trade Exchange Servcies(hereinafter referred to as "HNMTES"), a platform company of Sanya Cen...

    2020 / 08 / 21


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